Alternative Path-Way

Baishu Liu

As it exists today, the Rhode Island State House is a static, outdated symbol of power and hierarchy. To disrupt this, and to allow citizens better access to decision-making processes, the main idea of my proposed design intervention is to give the building an alternative pathway. Compared with the old linear circulation and the siloed offices, the State House of the 21st century incorporates a dynamic and multi-directional circulation system, and working and socializing spaces that enhance communication within. Visitors and residents are invited to wander through the whole building to witness policy-making and get involved in the legislative process. The collaborative and innovative working environment encourages staff, lobbyists, and politicians to stay current and consider public opinion during policy-making. The alternative pathway includes four elements linked by a wayfinding system: the Ground Level Entrance; the Central Staircase; Alternative Working Spaces; and the Rooftop Addition.